Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Pour Your Heart Out: Weekend Wine Woman

I've come to a very sad realization

I'm going to have to say good-bye to wine on weeknights.

I've been in denial for a while, because I love my wine, but the truth is that it exacerbates my exhaustion from the workday.

Sure, it's nice at first to get that warm, relaxed feeling, but, when dinner is finished and it's time to get the kids rounded up for bed, it often takes a bad turn.

The transition from dinner to bed is a hard one for our kids. It seems that someone turns their hyper dials way up, and as soon as we say, “Time to brush your teeth!”, they run around the house, not listening to a word we're saying.

Then I raise my voice at them. Then, when they're finally listening, I snap at them.

That glass of wine just seems to relax me too much and it pushes me past the point where I can gather any patience to get through bed time. The wine takes me to a happy place and I'm resentful that I have to come out of it.

So, to get through the bed time routine without losing my head, I will have to be a weekend-only wine drinking woman. 

 And this is a very depressing thought.

I'm linking up with Shell today for Pour Your Heart Out.  And this icon is not helping matters.


  1. I have to be honest...I'm the same way. I've never been able to drink during the week. I don't want anybody giving me the ol' buzzkill! I do have a bowl of ice cream though and I do that after the kids are in bed...HEAVEN!

  2. Preppy Girl...I heart you. Thank you for commiserating. cream. A very good idea!

  3. Just wait til they are in bed,like I do.

  4. That could work.... :)A lot of times I'll make a mug of tea before bed and I can hardly ever get through half of it. It would be so sad to waste so much wine!

  5. I agree, just wait until they are in bed!

    1. I have hope that I can stay awake long enough tonight to have something. Although maybe I should just look at it as saving money and calories!