Thursday, April 5, 2012

Kids' Dreams for Summer

I'm linking up with Mama Kat today for her World Famous Writer's Workshop. I picked prompt #5) Spring Break! Ask your child to name 10 things (or less) they'd like to do for Spring Break. Share the list with us and tell us...will their dreams come true?

And like last week, I'm adapting the prompt a little bit for myself.

As you might know from my recent posts, our spring break has come and gone. And every year, with the passage of that week vacation, begins the active anticipation of summer. We're down to ten weeks of school, and it's guaranteed to be here before we know it. And because my oldest son has made it very apparent that he needs routine, routine, routine, and a healthy dose of predictability, coming up with a summer plan needs to happen in the not too distant future.

I'm hoping today's prompt will help me fill in some of the spaces of the plan.

I asked my kids, if they could do anything over the summer, what would they do? 

Here are their ideas:

M- our oldest son, C- our daughter, D- our youngest son

Go swimming!” -C

Play soccer outside!” -C

Play REAL basketball.” “What's REAL basketball?” I asked. “They try to keep bouncing it and make hoops. THAT'S real basketball.” He even gave me a demo. -D

Watch TV!” -C

I like to play football and pretend football with a real football outside in the backyard in our backyard cause we can tackle cause they tackle in real football... “ I couldn't keep up with the rest of his description. -D

I like to type in letters on your computer when we're going on a long, long trip.” -D

I like doing that, too.” -C

Play baseball and soccer and wrestling and boxing and football.” -M

Will their dreams come true?

Yes...mostly. They'll be able to do all of these things with the exception of playing tackle football, or boxing, unless it's on the Wii. And they won't be able to use my laptop in the car on a long, long trip. But everything else on the list is very doable, which surprised me a little. I expected big, pie in the sky ideas, but they were excited about the things they know they've done before and have really enjoyed. Which is good. I'm glad they appreciate the every day fun things to do.

Now, my husband and I are left to figure out what the every day routine will be. In the past, we've used our local community center for their day camp for our oldest son, although we have not been very happy with it. Our daughter will be joining him this year, so we are in search of a new (affordable) opportunity for them.

How do your kids keep busy over the summer?

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  1. I'm so with you on this! I'm already trying to plot what the summer will be like-- especially since we're in the middle of spring break and I can't imagine a three month long version of this. lol.

    1. Spring break is a little preview to the potential insanity, isn't it? :)

  2. Ha ha ha great list! I love how all they want to do is play sports :)

  3. I wish there was some sort of day camp around here for kids but the nearest one is an hour away & would cost $500 a month which is far too much for us. My folks got us one of those Sun Setter pools with the inflatable ring a few years back, its 3.5 feet deep and 16 feet across and a real pain to keep the filet & algae in check but the boys love it and since the county has no public pool either we get their friends over a couple times a week & then they go to their friends' houses a couple days so they seem to keep busy enough

    1. It's pretty tough when you're limited by distance and money. Living in a fairly big city, there are lots of neat opportunities here for day camps, but they are very expensive.
      It's nice that there are friends that can come over and can host your kids sometimes, too. Makes it more fun for the kids and a little easier on you (hopefully). :)

  4. We're close to the coast and a large city, so our options are, thankfully, endless! And my parents live close by so I'll get a break now and then!

  5. Isn't it great when they are young and so easy to please ("real basketball"). Older they get, the more complicated.... :-s